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Re: Left Lane Cruiser!

To: Les Myer <lmyer@qtm.net>
Subject: Re: Left Lane Cruiser!
From: Trevor Boicey <tboicey@brit.ca>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 00:21:44 -0500
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Reply-to: Trevor Boicey <tboicey@brit.ca>
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Les Myer wrote:
> Anyone know the published quarter mile times between the
> two?  Just curious.

  According to the brooklands manual, the 75 Midget was
1 second faster to 60 than the 74 Midget. That's in
equivalent emissions trim, but the 74 Midget was far
from the fastest 1275.

  However, in "liberated" form, the 1500 Midgets were
faster than the equally liberated 1275s.

  As for the rear end ratio, it only really helps
you once. First gear acceleration would be better but
once the lower ratio car gets into it's powerband
it's a fair fight, it's just done in different

  My 1500 has the 3.9 rear end so it's not so bad, but
I'd trade for the 3.7 to get more relaxed cruise.

Trevor Boicey
Ottawa, Canada

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