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Re: lift for rent in NJ ?- Now Waste Disposal

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Subject: Re: lift for rent in NJ ?- Now Waste Disposal
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 13:29:20 -0400
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Actually, I think it was in MA (or was it CT?) that a guy did try the
chipper trick a few years ago. I was at a woodworking show where the guy who
helped in the forensics was giving a class. They tied the guy to his wife's
demise by comparing the cutter knife marks on the chips found with the wifes
body to the knives of the chipper he had admittedly rented. The reason they
needed a wood expert was to explain that the reason the marks didn't match
up perfectly was because of the shrinkage of wood as it dries (it was green
when chipped and dry when compared to the knives)


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>     Don't do it the way a guy here in Mass. did a couple of years ago.  He
> did the wife in, cut her up with a sawzall and her body was never found
> despite the fact the police dug up his cellar.  Trouble was, the sawzall
> borrowed from  his neighbor and left traces of the deceased's DNA on the
> blade.  Husband was convicted last week/

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