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Re: lift for rent in NJ ?- Now Waste Disposal

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Subject: Re: lift for rent in NJ ?- Now Waste Disposal
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 12:38:24 -0500
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You gotta give the guys credit, at least they believe in "till death do us

HealeyRic2@aol.com wrote:

>     This is kinda weird, but a friend last week told me how he planned to do
> it.  Put the chipper on board his boat, then invite the wife for a ride.
> Knock her off, and put the body through the chipper, distributing the remains
> into the water as chum.  Next take the chipper apart and drop it in the water
> piece by piece while cruising along.  Probably couldn't be found by Robert
> Ballard that way.  Of course this is all hypothetical ... I think.
>     Don't do it the way a guy here in Mass. did a couple of years ago.  He
> did the wife in, cut her up with a sawzall and her body was never found
> despite the fact the police dug up his cellar.  Trouble was, the sawzall was
> borrowed from  his neighbor and left traces of the deceased's DNA on the
> blade.  Husband was convicted last week.
>     Then there's the other guy locally who picked a woman up at a bar and
> took her home with him.  Killed her and put her body in a trash barrel.  Only
> problem was he took the trash out in the daytime and his upstairs neighbor
> saw the woman's leg hanging out of the barrel and called the cops.
>     Of course there's the guy who staked his wife's innards out in the back
> yard after he killed her.  Reason:  she overcooked the pasta!  (where's Soave
> when you need him?)
>     Or how about the guy whose wife disappeared without a clue until one
> night he brought the bloody mattress on which he killed her out to the woods
> behind his home, right into the arms of the State Police who had staked him
> out for about 2 weeks.
>     Then there's the guy who invited a woman along for a sailboat cruise.
> They found her body half eaten by crabs and tied with the boat's anchor
> chain.  This genius' excuse:  she got tied up in one of the boat's lines,
> fell overboard, and drowned.  He was so afraid no one would believe his story
> he tied her up in the anchor chain and dropped her overboard.  Guess what?
> The jury didn't believe his story either.
>     We got a bunch of 'em here in Mass., topped by the unforgettable Chuck
> Stuart who shot his wife after attending birthing classes, shot himself in
> the stomach and called the Boston cops on his car phone.  Launched a massive
> hunt for the black guy he said did the deed.  At least when the truth came
> out, he jumped off a bridge saving my tax money from incarcerating his sorry
> *ss.
> Rick
> In a message dated 6/6/02 11:42:45 AM, RBHouston@aol.com writes:
> <<In a message dated 06/05/2002 9:12:59 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
> wsthompson@thicko.com writes:
> > If I'd had a pit in my garage (and maybe a woodchipper), I suspect my
> > divorce might have gone a bit differently...
> >
> > WST
> >
> With a good enough wood chipper and a garden, you don't even need the pit...
> ..............I hear............
> Robert Houston

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