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Re: lift for rent in NJ ?- Now Waste Disposal

To: Robert Duquette <RobertDuquette@Sympatico.ca>, spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: lift for rent in NJ ?- Now Waste Disposal
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 15:30:19 -0700 (PDT)
 Well, The way this thread is going... Me does think that the single male 
Spridgeteer population may grow soon.  Then after they are all found out we can 
pick up their cars for bottom dollar, or in exchange for legal fees ;-)
  Robert Duquette <RobertDuquette@Sympatico.ca> wrote: Mass. murders?

Robert D.

> ----- Original Message -----
> > This is kinda weird, but a friend last week told me how he planned
> do
> > it. Put the chipper on board his boat, then invite the wife for a ride.
> > Knock her off, and put the body through the chipper, distributing the
> remains
> > into the water as chum. Next take the chipper apart and drop it in the
> water
> > piece by piece while cruising along. Probably couldn't be found by
> > Ballard that way. Of course this is all hypothetical ... I think.
> > Don't do it the way a guy here in Mass. did a couple of years ago.
> > did the wife in, cut her up with a sawzall and her body was never found
> > despite the fact the police dug up his cellar. Trouble was, the sawzall
> was
> > borrowed from his neighbor and left traces of the deceased's DNA on the
> > blade. Husband was convicted last week.
> > Then there's the other guy locally who picked a woman up at a bar
> > took her home with him. Killed her and put her body in a trash barrel.
> Only
> > problem was he took the trash out in the daytime and his upstairs
> > saw the woman's leg hanging out of the barrel and called the cops.
> > Of course there's the guy who staked his wife's innards out in the
> back
> > yard after he killed her. Reason: she overcooked the pasta! (where's
> Soave
> > when you need him?)
> > Or how about the guy whose wife disappeared without a clue until one
> > night he brought the bloody mattress on which he killed her out to the
> woods
> > behind his home, right into the arms of the State Police who had staked
> him
> > out for about 2 weeks.
> > Then there's the guy who invited a woman along for a sailboat
> > They found her body half eaten by crabs and tied with the boat's anchor
> > chain. This genius' excuse: she got tied up in one of the boat's
> > fell overboard, and drowned. He was so afraid no one would believe his
> story
> > he tied her up in the anchor chain and dropped her overboard. Guess
> > The jury didn't believe his story either.
> > We got a bunch of 'em here in Mass., topped by the unforgettable
> > Stuart who shot his wife after attending birthing classes, shot himself
> > the stomach and called the Boston cops on his car phone. Launched a
> massive
> > hunt for the black guy he said did the deed. At least when the truth
> > out, he jumped off a bridge saving my tax money from incarcerating his
> sorry
> > *ss.
> >
> >
> > Rick
> >
> > In a message dated 6/6/02 11:42:45 AM, RBHouston@aol.com writes:
> >
> > <> > wsthompson@thicko.com writes:
> >
> >
> > > If I'd had a pit in my garage (and maybe a woodchipper), I suspect my
> > > divorce might have gone a bit differently...
> > >
> > > WST
> > >
> >
> > With a good enough wood chipper and a garden, you don't even need the
> pit...
> > ..............I hear............
> >
> > Robert Houston
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