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RE: Better brakes?

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Subject: RE: Better brakes?
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 14:44:39 -0400
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Bob et al,

Please let me clearify what I mean by "cheap". I'm looking for an upgrade
from existing cars on the road (i.e. Mustang front discs, etc.). This would
allow me to get rotors at a better price than buying Wilwood or some other
specialty brake parts. This would also provide a readily available source of

My theory is and alway has been (ask Mike Graziano...I've said this to him
many times) Going is an option...stopping is a must!!


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Subject: Re: Better brakes?

Inexpensive disc brake upgrade??

IMHO, Dan my man!! 

This is not the place to go cheap......
you pay for and as we are talking brakes,
I'd think it would be worth the price to
get the best or why bother; might as
well stick with the stock disc set-up
and upgrade pads and go to drilled

Of course, "that's just my opinion...I
could be wrong!"

Cap'n. Bob
    '60 :{)  

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