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RE: Better brakes?

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Subject: RE: Better brakes?
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Jackson wrote (among other things in a very informative posting):
  "Unless you have a turbo 1275 Sprite or have an RX7 motor installed, the
stock brake
setup work just fine if it is."

I agree.

"Chances are if you are looking for more
brake, better pad choice and properly adjusted rear brakes with appropriate
pads will deliver everything that your tires will take."

Absolutely. My FP Sprite brakes work fine, even at race speeds, with the
original early drum brakes on the rear (kevlar pads) and Mk 1 Midget discs
in front (Hawk Blue pads). The Hawk Blues though would be a poor choice on
the road- the Hawk Blacks would be better (not so aggressive and more "user

"My favorite street pad choice is Porterfield R4S pads on my Sprite, BMW's,
and soon Volvo.  Bite is wonderful and they can handle track time just fine
(BMW driving schools). "

Lots of people would agree with you. I am used to the Hawks, and I am
partial to them... I use them on my racing Mazda RX7 - stock brakes (non
drilled, small discs, front and rear) with Hawk blues in front and standard
Mazda pads on the rear. The rear brakes don't matter that much, as front
brakes do 70% of the braking - or more (I have adjustable brake bias).

"Cross drilled rotors work very well for wet weather work, however you have
to watch stress cracks."

Non-drilled front discs can crack as well- I have to change the discs on my
Mazda regularly due to cracks, but the car is 1000 lbs heavier than a
Sprite- more stress, and a lot more heat! In So Cal, I don't have to worry
much about rain on the track, but I do think drilled rotors would be indeed
better in the wet.

"I cannot remember seeing any US racing Sprite ever having anything other
than the stock brake setup..."

May be that's because there are limitations to what racers can use due to
racing class rules- in VARA FP, you can (officially) only use non-drilled,
Sprite/Midget brakes on the front, rear must remain drums. I have seen cars
with discs on the rear though.

Jacques Le clainche, all cars with non-drilled rotors- except the Porsche!

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