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Re: Better brakes?

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Subject: Re: Better brakes?
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:12:32 -0400
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now the car is limited by the design of the axle and the king pin and
fulcrum.  these cars are already experiencing axle failure on competition
cars.  now, you would like to upgrade the brakes and use a modern wheel.
my thoughts on this are unless you are desigeing a whole new front
suspension with new upper and lower controll arms and a tubular shock or
coil over shock the front can not reliably take much more than they are
currently being subjected to in racing.  i think the best bet for any
improvement is to use an agressive rotor and premium brake pads.  otherwise
you are not just getting into improving the suspension components to handle
the new wheels and improved brakes , but you will get into a brake bias
problem wich did not exist before upgrading the front brakes.  in my opinion
the stock system works quite well when in proper condition.   and my car
goes fast enough for me.

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Subject: RE: Better brakes?
> Bob et al,
> Please let me clearify what I mean by "cheap". I'm looking for an upgrade
> from existing cars on the road (i.e. Mustang front discs, etc.). This
> allow me to get rotors at a better price than buying Wilwood or some other
> specialty brake parts. This would also provide a readily available source
> parts.
> My theory is and alway has been (ask Mike Graziano...I've said this to him
> many times) Going is an option...stopping is a must!!
> Subject: Re: Better brakes?
> Inexpensive disc brake upgrade??
> IMHO, Dan my man!!
> This is not the place to go cheap......
> you pay for and as we are talking brakes,
> I'd think it would be worth the price to
> get the best or why bother; might as
> well stick with the stock disc set-up
> and upgrade pads and go to drilled
> rotors.

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