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Re: Better brakes?

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Subject: Re: Better brakes?
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 16:17:27 -0400
I've done the MGB calipers and Spitfire rotors, it also requires a new hub
setup (try MiniMania or Winner's Circle) which is not inexpensive  The only
way that I justified it was that I already had a set of MGB calipers in a
box in the corner, my Sprite rotors were done for, and my Sprite's calipers
were frozen hulks when I bought it.  Now looking back on the PITA aspects of
getting this setup to fit properly, I would not do it again.  Unless you
have a turbo 1275 Sprite or have an RX7 motor installed, the stock brake
setup work just fine if it is.  Chances are if you are looking for more
brake, better pad choice and properly adjusted rear brakes with appropriate
pads will deliver everything that your tires will take.  You may also want
to look at getting a brake booster if you feel that pedal effort is a
limiting factor, however a pad with better torque will improve this as well.

My favorite street pad choice is Porterfield R4S pads on my Sprite, BMW's,
and soon Volvo.  Bite is wonderful and they can handle track time just fine
(BMW driving schools).  Then again, these pads are not cheap, but they last
a good while so long as they are not abused horribly (I would switch to a
race pad for Blackhawk or something similar).  Cross drilled rotors work
very well for wet weather work, however you have to watch stress cracks.

If you do have a seriously high HP Sprite that you are looking to track, a
proven setup on the front is the MGB calipers, Spitfire rotors, and the
aluminum hubs from Winner's Circle.  Then the rear should be upgraded to
Reily 1.5 (8" drums) rear brakes which would require the Reily backing
plates, pads, wheel cylinders, etc.  Another option for the rear are racing
discs sold by Winner's Circle, however these do not offer a parking brake
therefore ruling out street use for those that need inspections.  

I cannot remember seeing any US racing Sprite ever having anything other
than the stock brake setup...

Jackson Zimmermann
64 A-H Sprite

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