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Re: Better brakes?

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Subject: Re: Better brakes?
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 16:32:45 -0400
I can't argue with you there, but I've never had a problem with that on 
my Midget, and I drive it in the rain quite a bit.  In the trade off 
between brakes that stay too cool to be effective in the dry and having 
to be extra-cautious in the wet, I'll be extra-cautious in the wet.  I 
might feel differently if I lived in Seattle or somewhere else where 
the rain/sun ratio was even worse than Ohio.

> Agree with you whole heartedly, Chris K.,
> however.....
> The first time you initially hit the stock
> discs after driving for a period of time
> in really wet weather, they are not
> exactly at their best until the water film
> has been "wiped" from the disc.
> I assume the drilled rotor, in providing
> "multi-paths" for faster water removal
> under the aforementioned conditions
> would be better in this particular respect.
> This would be the only reason I would
> use them as I find the stock system "kept
> in good order" (as you say) is perfectly compatible with my current
> personal
> driving style. 
> Cap'n. Bob
>     '60 :{)  

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