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To: <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: E-mail me off the list
From: "David & Aleah" <etfreak@onemain.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 21:05:49 -0800
Thank you all for your concern. I have to say some of your replies were both
heart felt and others were just plain funny.
The one that cracked me up the most was "Cris in Mississippi" he wrote "let
the kiddies
stay at home and off of our list. i think it is funny as hell. maybe they
to much gas while in garage and forgot how to get along with others."

My gas of choice in the garage is Coors light!,,, (Although,,, I was
hospitalized for a short time when I was about 3 for drinking gasoline that my
Dad had emptied into a coke can while working on a carb). Thats funny!
Anyway my attempt at schoolyard humor was just that.
For those of you that were interested in how to get a tiger to run in the 12's
I would gladly send you over a list of my combo. In short you first have to
round file the 260 in exchange for a well built 302. (10to1,solid lift
bumpstick in the 520 range,heads with chevy parts, good port work,etc. big
clutch, 350's in the rear, a posi and a gummy set of 245 14's.

My wanting to be e-mailed off the list  was based on two things, Awhile back
one of the listers was curious if the tiger trans could be removed without
dropping the front end and engine. In the time I've had this car the
transmission has been out 3 times. None of which wer'e what I would call a fun
time. During the initial restoration 15 years ago or so,, We did the drop the
front end out and lift the body over the engine and trans combo. This made
sense at the time because the engine compartment needed detailing, the front
end needed work, the engine, trans, shatterproof bellhousing, headers, oil
cooling system, charging system,etc... all needed to be engineered to work in
the Tigers small compartment. So it made sense to do it that way. After
grenading a clutch shortly there after,, the task of changing it became a
reality, not wanting to go through the torture of pulling the front end out
etc. I decided to try to remove it with the engine in. To my surprise it was
possible. About a year ago,  the input shaft bearing on the toploader lunched
and needed rebuilding. Again I removed the trans. and bellhousing and made the
necessary repairs.

After reading this gentlemans inquiry to the list as to whether or not the
trans could be removed without removing the engine, I wrote my 2 cent worth to
the list. And I waited,, and waited, but nobody acknowledged my thoughts. And
then the person that originally asked for the advice wrote a general letter to
the list, thanking everybody who had responded, and listing the comments in
order as to how they were received. Mine was not part of them. Which honestly
is not a big deal to me. I just felt like a child that was not being allowed
into an adult conversation. Thats where the "kid" like note came from.( you
know, the kid that owned the ball and when things didn't go his way went home
with it???)It was meant to be humorous.

The other instance was a few weeks ago when a guy wrote in asking about where
to find a hardtop, and asked if anybody had seen the aftermarket top on e-bay.
I knew what he was talking about because it was my top that was being
auctioned, but I waited to see what others had to say,, and the same thing
happened to him,, nobody acknowledged him either!

Having been involved in racing for years I assumed I was experiencing that
"pre madona" attitude the guy's with the expensive cars give to the guys on a
budget. You know the one's,,, back before you had nice cars, they would look
down their noses at you???
To me modesty is the road to take,, and if this list was a group of guys that
were only interested  in what their pre-approved group had to say I was simply
going to spend my time wrenching out in the shop, doing what I like best.
Making hot rods.

So anyway,,,
Happy Tigering

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