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Re: Brakes without booster

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Subject: Re: Brakes without booster
From: "DrMayf" <drmayf@teknett.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 18:07:34 -0700
CAt sells them as emergency booster bypass hoses...I have one in my console
just waiting to be used. But then I put on a different booster a big 7 inch
diameter one. Doubled the stoipping power of the 5 inch.. Good catch on the
Hyunda...got a part number?

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Subject: Re: Brakes without booster

> Can't help you overall, but did do something interesting that other
posters might look to.  My booster is out while I am doing a driving
restoration. It is at the bottom of the list for the redo.  In the meantime,
I was faced with the general bypass issue while I didn't want to change the
stock parts.
> At the local Autozone they let me in the back to look at all the different
brake hoses they had.  There is a short hose, double female, for a Hyundai
that screwed right into the two lines that went to the booster.  Short
simple bypass that even looks pretty good, no tube bending, and all done in
five minutes.
> Bob Nersesian  B382000975

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