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Re: [Tigers] Oil Pressure

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Oil Pressure
From: Dave Munroe <dave@munroe.ca>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 14:39:50 -0300
Maybe not an "expert" on SBF's drmayf, but all you need is a briefcase and 
time to get at least 50 miles out-of-town!
...and from your description of the SBF oil system, you know a lot more 
about it than most of us, (me anyway!).

Thanks for this insightful description of the SBF oiling system. I'm sure 
many listers will appreciate it as much as I do.
As you may have read,  my only other LBC experience has been with an MGB 
1800 block, which I built up from scratch.
There is a pressure relief valve in the oiling system that is accessible ( 
more or less) from the outside, and different
springs are available that change the oil pressure in the system.

It sounds like this is the same function of the adjustment within your oil 
pump. You are the first to mention the viscosity
of the oil you regularly run in your engine as well. I was initially using 
10/30, but the engine was running so hot right out of the re-build shop, the 
pressure was dropping alarmingly so I changed first to 10/40 and then to 
15/40 which brought the pressure back to where it is now.

Everything inside the block is new, best I could get stuff, including a 
complete valve train from Comp Cams with new bushings.
Ditto the crank, rods from SCAT and forged pistons from Keith Black. So I am 
not anxious to let them live in a low oil pressure environment.
But it seems from what everyone is telling me, and what I have read, that I 
am in the ballpark oil pressure wise, so I won't be going in there and
replacing things just yet.

Thanks again for taking the time to enlighten us all.



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> Dave, all...
> I am by no means an expert on small block fords, however, I do have some 
> knowledge. The very last paragraph below caught my eye regards how to 
> modify an engine to get high oil pressures..
> Lets look at the oil pathway first. Oil comes from the pickup in th epan
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