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Re: Fuel Tank

Subject: Re: Fuel Tank
From: Nolan Penney <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 10:48:09 -0700
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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> I guess I missed part of this thread, but since the tank is out of the TR 2
> it got my attention.  I bought some  gas tank sealer from one of the
> suppliers.  Is that the sealer referred to here?  If so what problems develop
> from use.  We have used it in a friend's TR3.  If not, what sealer does this
> refer to ?  After the tank is cleaned out inside is the metal left uncoated ?
>   If rust is evident inside the tank what does one do about it ?

Unless I missed something along the line we're talking about gas tank sealers, 
as in 
the goop you pour in the tank and slosh around.  Problem I've seen with them 
has been 
the stuff flaking off and blocking the pickup tube and fuel filters.  Or, as in 
case of many a motorcycle, getting right down into the carbs.  The stuff is 
impossible to apply properly.  Even if it is, it starts flaking off in a few 
years at 
best.  Now I have just heard that the stuff from Eastwood is not a hard epoxy 
like stuff, but more flexible.  That might work.

Most tanks I've seen had either galvanize in them, or were bare.  Most being 
bare as 
I recall.  They didn't have a problem as long as there was gas in the tank.  It 
when they were left empty or worse yet, with the cap off outside that they 

Rust can't do much of anything if there is no water and air for it to play with 
grow in.  Gasoline over rust stops it dead.  Until you let water build up in 
the tank 
again.  Moral there is to keep the tank full of fuel.  And to use some of the 
dry gas 
agents occassionally to suck up the water that does build up from buying gas at 

But, to be honest I'd have to add there are people who swear by tank sealers.  
there are people who swear by Slick 50 and magic healing crystals as well. <g>

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