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How Many TR2 & 3's are left.

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: How Many TR2 & 3's are left.
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 10:09:56 -0400 (EDT)
Dear TR 2&3 Enthusiasts

I've been wondering for some time how many TR2s & 3s are still left. Getting
an actual count is of course impossible, but I've been thinking of some
possible resources to get an estimate and thought some other lister may have
a suggestion or two, or might even be able to fill in some of the numbers.
Here's what I've got on my list so far:

1. Number or TR2s & 3s registered with these clubs: 
TR register in England 
Triumph Register of America
Vintage Triumph Register

2. Number  TR2s & 3's in the databases of the major parts suppliers:

3. Wild guesses from some very informed TR people, such as Bill Piggott.

4, Actual registration figures are available from a commercial vendor,  by
state, but only for the make of the car, the last time I checked anyway.
 They indicated that they could sort by model, for an additional fee.  The
cost here is prohibitive for this venture. They charged by State and, while I
don't recall the exact amount, it was over $10 per State.

Even if you had all of these numbers, you couldn't just add them up. of
course.  The same car may be registered with TRF and MOSS and TRA.  They
would be food for thought though.  I'd think you get a real quick idea of the
minimum number of cars still left though.  Anyone have any of these numbers

I love to see some guesses from this list too.   Here are Piggotts production
figures for each of the sidecurtain TRs. Clearly some of those cars are
simply 'gone', chopped up melted down. buried whatever.  Those that are still
around, and I'll just say that means there's  something that you can look at
and would say 'yeah that's a TR', be it a rusted hulk or a concourse car.  
Without worrying about too technical of a definition of  the meaning of
 'still around' what would your guess be?

                       THEN                 NOW
TR2                  8636
TR3                13377
TR3A              58309
TR3B                3334

Total all variants:  83656

I don't mean to snub all the other marvelous models of Triumph Motorcars.  I
just have a personal interest in the sidecurtain cars.

As an after thought I'd add a number 5 to the list above. I just bet there's
a formula  to predict the number of average surviving cars by year of
manufacture in the Insurance or Automotive industry.  I'd be certain that TRs
would have survived with a higher percentage than the 'average' car though.
 Anyone have any thoughts or info on this?

Bob Paul
Aspiring TR Historian
Corrales NM  USA

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