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Re: Offering First To The List

To: David Moag <>,
Subject: Re: Offering First To The List
From: "Martin A. Secrest" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:54:32 -0500
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To throw grease onto this fire, I somehow feel compelled to mention that those
shocks -- Gabriel Hi Jackers, part #55RE5362T -- are all of $72.95 a pair from
JC Whitney (312-431-6102). Fits a '63-'82 Corvette and Spit/GT6.   I know,
because I put them on the Spitfire I used to own.  It's a cute conversion, but
frankly, I don't really recommend them over a pair of good gas shocks.

David Moag wrote:

> Ken,
> It is surprising to me that you do not see Jeff's point on first offering to
> the list. He (and I) see that as a small way of giving back to the list for
> all of the advice and help that it has provided (for free). While I don't
> personally know many of the listers, I feel very grateful to many of them
> individually, and to all of them as a group. Without them I would not even
> have attempted the restoration of my TR3B (heck, I wouldn't have even bought
> the car to begin with had it not been for the list). Personally, I would
> rather sell a Triumph part to a list member for $50 than list it on Ebay and
> make $75 on it -- I'm not in the hobby for the money.
> I've bought quite a few items on Ebay, and will continue to do so, but I've
> never had any sort of "relationship" with any of those sellers. The listers,
> on the other hand, have bent over backwards to help me whenever I've needed
> it. From taking something apart on their car just to tell me what they see,
> to photographing something and emailing it to me, to copying entire manuals
> and sending them to me, to sending me an unobtainable part and not even
> asking for payment, to showing up in my driveway to help tune up a carb. I
> could go on, but no need. I've seen many listers answer your technical
> questions to the list as well. I find it rather impossible to compare that
> type of help to the strictly buying and selling that Ebay provides.
> Dave Moag
> 62 TR3B
> 77 Spitfire
> La Canada, CA
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> > As to your "ethics" of offering it to the
> > listers first, your into some kind of allegiance I don't see. I don't know
> > the "listers" any more than I know the people on eBay. In fact,
> > if I had to generalize, I've had better relationships  with the folks I've
> > dealt with on eBay.
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> > ken shapiro
> > baltimore
> > 1970 GT6+ KC81872L

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