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Re: Offering First To The List

To: Ken Waringa <>, Triumph Mailing List <>
Subject: Re: Offering First To The List
From: Steven Newell <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:38:14 -0700
References: <000001bf98e1$67e99c90$eb2f31cc@snapper.DYNSYS-FL>

Ken, you joined at an awkward time (late fall?), when many list members are
crabby because their cars are in the garage for the winter, but when credit card
charges for back-ordered parts start appearing. :-) Many years ago when I was on
british-cars -- I guess that was before the Triumph list -- I'd see the same
thing, the signal-to-noise ratio always dropped during the winter months.

Then it'll pick up with Spring arriving. In the meantime, you could always ~make
up~ tough technical stumpers to distract list members from those
SUV-driving-cell-phone-using idiots that ride on our shiny chromed collective


*regrettably, I expect that the pending engine rebuild will eliminate the "Anti
Tailgating Smoke Cloud" feature that currently protects my TR4 from SUVs.

> Jeff I agree!  I have enjoyed this list immensely since I joined a few
> months ago, and I have learned a lot.  It seems lately there have been more
> SUV and hatemail threads than Triumph info.  I know if you don't like it use
> the delete key.  Well I have been a lot lately.  I know everyone is never
> going to agree on everything, but I would really like to see us get back to
> our cars.  The weather is turning better across the country and we should be
> thinking more about getting out in our cars to enjoy them rather than
> blasting each other.
> Maybe it's none of my business, but I just wanted to let the list know how I
> feel about these things.

Steven Newell
Denver, CO

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