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Re: NON-LBC: Humor: Worst Car Of The Millennium ++ Final Results++

Subject: Re: NON-LBC: Humor: Worst Car Of The Millennium ++ Final Results++
From: Stephen Peca <>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 05:23:47 -0700 (PDT)
My vote clearly would be for the Peugeot as the worst car.  I owned a 1985
505, for three years, which is the worst car I have ever owned.  Everything
fell apart.  As I recall from that "bad dream", I replaced the radio,
headlight assembly, altenators (3), airconditioning compressor and a window
mechanism.  The dealer even had to replace the oil pan gasket - I took the
car for a test drive, and when I returned the car was leaking oil.  The
failures were so frequent, that the dealer stopped charging me for
replacement parts after the car was out of warranty.  Yet according to state
law, this car was not considered a lemon, because everything could be fixed.
The final straw was one time I was driving, the cam holding the seat bank to
the seat base broke.  The seat back fell flat backwards, startling me and
almost causing me to crash into the next lane of traffic on the expressway. 
The irony is that when the car wasn't falling apart, it was really a good
performance car.  At one point, I took the car up to 115mph on an expressway
in Michigan without any engine strain or wheel shudder, head-to-head with a

Steve Peca
Wheaton, Illinois
1958 TR3A - TS23867L

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