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RE: TS41136: Off to a bad start

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Subject: RE: TS41136: Off to a bad start
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Hi Rob,

This backup problem happened to me as well (free TR3 and U-Haul)
Just in case someone else need to back-up a U-Haul trailer,  wedge a piece
of 2 by 4 in the brake actuator on the trailer before backing-up.
It worked for me, backing up a steep driveway.


58 TR3A (wannabe) running restoration
59 TR3A restorable (not enough money in my account)
60 TR3A parts car (was free and it has an overdrive)

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A while ago, I was practically given a 57 TR3.  Unfortunately, I didn't
have a garage at the time, but having at least one very generous friend
who offered me storage in her garage, I took possession of a large number
of boxes and a fair amount of rust.

The first step in the restoration was purchasing a home that had a garage
(do I get points for dedication?).  I moved in last month.  This weekend,
I moved the TR3 from my friend's house to mine.  It all went smoothly
until I got the trailer to my driveway.  I found out, close to the end of
a narrow dead-end street, that the trailer would not roll backwards.  I
called the U-Haul 800 number and they informed me that "No, our auto
transports don't go in reverse."  The local U-Haul guy told me "Of course,
they go in reverse.  The hydraulic brake must be on."  I told him the
trailer rolled forward just fine.  "Your truck must be faulty."  Needless
to say, I was miffed.  It took more than 24 hours for U-Haul to get a
large flat-bed towing vehicle to pull the trailer onto the flat bed, turn
around, and unload the trailer.

The good news is, I have most of a TR3 in my garage (missing a bonnet, a
boot cover and who knows what else), with an engine mostly disassembled by
the DPO (hey, does this make me a DPO-to-be?).  The regional U-Haul rep
called me and told me the rental of the transport will be free (I'll never
ever ever use U-Haul again--and I mean it this time).

The bad news is, this is a lot more work than the Midgets and MGB I've had
in the past (no, wait.  It's going to be fun!!  I'm just overwhelmed at
the moment)

(but rust is such a nice color)

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