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RE: TS41136: Off to a bad start

To: "'Ronald Olds'" <>, pRob <>,
Subject: RE: TS41136: Off to a bad start
From: Randall Young <ryoung@NAVCOMTECH.COM>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:11:26 -0700
Organization: Navcom Tech, Inc
 Ronald Olds wrote:
> Tell me how anyone could expect a trailer not to
> be backed up.

Oh, they _can_ be backed up, you just have to know how.  I'm sure the woman who 
sued U-haul for renting her a 5000 pound trailer to tow behind her Toyota 
Corolla felt the same way : "How was I to know ?  It's their fault for not 
telling me !"


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