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Heritage Certificate

To: <>
Subject: Heritage Certificate
From: "Edward Woods" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 20:06:41 -0500
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Having just acquired a '60 TR3 with 23k on the clock, I was surprised to
receive a certificate that was correct in VIN number and engine number, but
differed in details such as the top color and tires. The car has a white top
and side curtains and one original Dunlop whitewall tire. The certificate
says "black top" and "Michelin" tires. I was told that the car's been in
storage for over 20 years and, judging by the documents in the glovebox,
have every reason to believe it.

First thought was that Triumph didn't really have an accurate record of what
was built, but more probably this car was modified by the dealer prior to
its sale, possibly at the request of the buyer.

List comments? Any other discrepancies between the Heritage certificate and
a car?

Ed Woods

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