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Heritage Certificate

To: <>
Subject: Heritage Certificate
From: "Peter Erfurt" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 14:37:44 +0100
Hi Listers,

This is my first entry to the list, after having lurked for a while.

Let me introduce myself:  My name is Peter, I'm 50 and living in Denmark. I
have always had an interest in vintage cars, and approx. 5 years ago I
bought my first - a Jaguar MKII, 3.4 liter But last year I got bitten by the
"Triumph-bug" and started looking for a trade-oppotunity. In short terms - I
traded the Jag a couple of months ago to a 1959 TR3A - which is the reason I
joined this VERY active list.

BTW - I have posted a picture of my new baby her:$file/bTR3Aprimrose.jpg

Car has been restored inside-out and appears very nice indeed (I'm allowed
to say, since I have not done any work on it - and consequently cannot take
other pride in it than it was MY wallet that suffered in the end).

I have followed this thread with interest, as I ordered a Heritage
Certificate approx. 2 weeks ago, and today it arrived.

As you can see from the pict posted, the car is now Primrose Yellow with
white leather interior. According to the Heritage Certificate it left the
factory as a Powder Blue chassis withy black leather trim, black hood, 5.90
whitewall tires, heater and tonneau cover. So somebody has turned the inside
out on this car during restoration :-)

Now, I need a bit of help from your collective wisdom:

It appears that the car has been shipped and equipped for Noth American
Export (I also thought so, as the car was a LHD with speedo in Miles). The
car left the assembly line on Feb. 25 1959 and was despatched on March 23
1959 to a dealer named "Cal Sales Inc. Portland, USA".

Now, as I inted to try to trace the history of my car - does ANYONE know, if
Cal Sales Inc. still exists???  If so, could some kind soul try to find out
their mailing addres for me?  I will then write them and ask for details of
whom they sold the car to, and start the history from there. Could be quite
an intersting journey :-)

A funny thing - this car has crossed the Atlantic twice - first from England
to USA and then from USA to Denmark - would have been easier just to have
sent it to me in the first place :-)

Any help will be greatly appreciated. The numbers, according to the
Certificate are as follows:

Car/chassis number:  TS/44927-L
Engine number: TS/45656-E
Body: 1050469

This is a GREAT list - I have been on several Jag lists previously, where
the activity was rather lower than here, so I really enjoy all your mails.

Best regards

Peter in Denmark
59 TR3 - eagerly waiting for the spring to come...

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