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RE: Value of TR3 optional occasional seat?

Subject: RE: Value of TR3 optional occasional seat?
From: Randall Young <ryoung@NAVCOMTECH.COM>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 15:26:14 -0700
AFAIK, there is no exemption that allows driving a 2-passenger car (like a
TR3) in a lane that requires 3 people.  The only exemption is for
motorcycles, and although there's some chance you could successfully argue
that a Spit met the state's definition of a motorcycle (has to be under 1500
pounds), I don't think it would apply to a TR3.

So basically, you're at the mercy of the CHP, with or without the jump seat.

59 TR3A in So CA

Kinderlehrer wrote :
> I believe there are some roads in California, perhaps in other
> states,  that
> require 3 people in a car to use the commuter lane.  2 passenger cars,
> however, can use the lane with only 2 people.  If you add the occasional
> seat, does that mean that now you have to have 3 people in a TR3 to use
> these commuter lanes??  If so, that could give the occasional seat a
> negative value to some.

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