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Re: Hand Cranking your TR

Subject: Re: Hand Cranking your TR
From: Michael Thompson <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 08:26:35 -0500
I hand cranked my TR3 for a few months when my starter went kaput. I 
still hand crank my Land Rover when it gets really cold and won't turn 
over well. It's nice to know if you leave your lights on or do something 
to kill your battery,  you can hand turn the engine and go on your way.
The only pain with my TR3 was, I had a pretty big cam in it at the time 
and it was a race to get back to the accelerator so I could keep it 
running. Sometimes I would raise the hood so I could blip the throttle 
at the carbs.
I'm teaching all my kids and nephews how to crank start a car so as to 
pass the knowledge on.
Mike Thompson
59 Triumph TR3A
71 Land Rover S2A
76 MG Midget

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