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Re: Now Lucas vs BUSS fuses

Subject: Re: Now Lucas vs BUSS fuses
From: "John Herrera" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:38:18 -0400
 >It makes a HUGE difference.  Anyone that went to VTR saw a terrific
>demonstration by Joe Pawlak and Glenn Merrell in which they toasted a 
>Jaguar with "American" fuses.  It has to do with the voltage at which the 
>fuse opens.  I reprinted an article that ISOA printed in their newsletter 
>in the DTSC Triumph Review.  It's at: 
><>.  Good 
>Blake Discher

Volts don't open fuses. Amps open fuses. The voltage drop across a good fuse 
is zero. The voltage drop across an open fuse is source voltage.

Volts don't flow. Amps flow. If one of my students said that volts flowed, 
I'd just smacke 'em up side of the haid.

Not really, but I'd threaten with it.


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