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Re: Which race club to join ?

To: Tom Shirley <>
Subject: Re: Which race club to join ?
From: Grand_Wazoo <>
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 16:47:48 -0800
Guess I shouldn't have been surprized at the variety of strong opinions
flowing on this one.  I too have raced with SVRA and HSR for many
years.  VSCCA still has very exclusionary rules for cars at all events
other than the Lime Rock fall festival.  My TR3 is all steel with
correct carbs and proper displacement, both groups have eagerly accepted
it and others so prepared.

SVRA clearly made a move in the direction of controlling modern
developments on old cars a few years ago, Weber carbs on a car that had
SUs gets you bumped up a class or two.  Oversize engines get special
treatment as well.  Many folks have viewed this as a snobish approach. 
Guess everyone has a right to not race with rules they don't like.  and
SVRA has lost some business because of it. But even the SCCA, the last
bastion of sports car development for the little guy, doesn't allow
Webers on a Sprite, or 1275 engines in a class intended for 948s.

HSR likes lots of entry forms!  They have a class for anything, and
aren't always too particular about what's been strapped onto it.  But
hey, if your goal was to have a good time and race with the cars near
your speed, it shouldn't matter that the massively modified cars are
many seconds ahead of you.  With a lot of entries there is likely to be
someone racing at your speed.

I also must agree with the writer that mentioned HSRs lack of
enforcement of driver conduct rules.  I've heard Joe Pendergast blast at
drivers meetings about having too many incidents at a previous event but
I'm not as sure that they've turned offenders away to put teeth in the
lectures.  Watch the drivers around you on the track, if you don't know
'em, think twice about getting alongside of them at places on the track
that need caution, courtesy and good driving skills.  There are folks
that race in both groups that I have no problem being side/side with at
the bottom of the dip at Road Atlanta - but thats because I trust the
drivers, not the organization.

I find that all of the major race groups have their snobish pockets but
that the segment of the organization one races with is always friendly
and supportive among themselves. 


Tom Shirley wrote:
> >What I would like to know is which vintage race organization should I
> >join, SVRA or VSCCA ?
> >I would like to hear varying comments on either org. , pros and cons,
> >number of events, rules, etc.
> >
> The only point of reference I can give you is that a friend of mine tried to
> race with the SVRA once in Atlanta. His Bugeye had no windshield and had a
> 1275. They wanted to make him run with the Cobras, Mustabgs, etc. Basically
> they just didn't want him to race.
> My opinion, they are a bunch of snobs. Go with the VSCCA. I've heard some
> good things about them and I don't think they as picky about what you race.
> If you really want to have some fun, come to a HSR event. Joe Pendergast and
> his crew know how to put on a fun event and you won't be treated like a red
> headed stepchild.
> Tom Shirley
> Sale Creek, TN (just north of Chattanooga)
> 71 MG Midget
> 72 Datsun 510 #18

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