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(Note: My email address has changed as of 10/15/03 to I have not had a chance to make the changes to all the pages to reflect this.)

This the heart of SOL's Morgan web page, articles on how to fix and maintain your cars. The articles contained here are broken up into two catagories, general and Morgans specific.

The general automotive articles deal with things like Body Work, Brakes, Carburetors, Electrical, etc. While these articles, in most cases, are based on British cars in general, there are some that are based on more modern cars - especially articles dealing with the new sensors for the computer controlled cars. The Morgan specific articles deal only with Morgans. Very little of the information in this section can be extrapolated back to most cars.

I hope you find the information contained here of some help. If you have any articles that you think might be of interest please feel free to email me the articles and pictures. I'll put them up and of course give the authors their credit.


General Articles Morgan Specific Articles

General information
Not restricted to Morgans

How Cars Work 101 at Inner-Auto Parts covers all major systems in a car new
Car and Truck Definitions - AutoWorld Automotive Glossary new
AutoZine Technical School - Mostly new technology but a Great site!   updated link 10/2/06
Heat, Rust, & Noise in VW's by G. Matthew Bulley A must read!!   updated link 5/3/05
Polishing Aluminum
Body Work
dot_clear Body work - How to
dot_clear Using Body Filler By: Charles Christ
dot_clear Fighting Rust
dot_clear Painting
dot_clear Painting and Body work
dot_clear Bodywork and Painting by: Sumner
dot_clear DIY painting
dot_clear Enamels vs Clear Coat Base Coat By: Tom O'Malley (Oct 2001)
dot_clear Spray Guns 101
dot_clear Harbor Freight's HVLP Spray Guns By: Sumner
Brake System articles:
Build a Pressure Bleeder for Bleeding Brakes by Jim Powell new
dot_clear Bleeding Brakes by Harald Sakshaug - Nov. 99
dot_clear Information on Brake fluids By: Kenneth Streeter
dot_clear Brake plumbing
dot_clear Hints for replacing Drum Brake shoes new
Carburetor articles:
Constant Depression Carb - Theory of Operation by Dan Masters July 14, 1999
dot_clear Tuning (Setting) SU Carburetors by Roger Garnett, Dec. 5, 1991.
dot_clear Tuning VS Setting SU Carburetors by Fred Sission, Feb. 15, 1998.
Catalytic Converters
How to test a Catalytic Converternew
dot_clear More Catalytic Converter information and testingnew
dot_clear Coil information:
Coils & Things by Chris Moberg
dot_clear Ballast vs. Non-Ballast Ignition Coils -- What's the difference, and how to convert By: Dan Masters new

dot_clear Electrical Primer:
dot_clear Electrical Primer - Introduction to Electricity
dot_clear Electrical Primer - Part 2 - The Ignition System
dot_clear Electrical Primer - Part 3 - The Starting System
dot_clear Starter & Solenoids (updated 03/28/01)
dot_clear Lucas Distributor info:
dot_clear Tuning the Lucas Distributor by: Marcel Chichak
dot_clear Lucas Distributor parts information by: Marcel Chichak
dot_clear Modern Electronic Sensors (started appearing about 1975)
dot_clear Hall effect sensors - how they work (points replacement - newer cars)
dot_clear Understanding Hall Effect Sensors By: Wells Corp.
dot_clear The Hall Effect and Hall Effect Sensors By: J. B. Calvert
dot_clear The Hall Effect Gaussmeter By: John Boettger, F.W. Bell
dot_clear O2 sensor
dot_clear Introduction to Oxygen Sensors
What the Home Mechanic Needs to Know About O2 Sensors
dot_clear Smog control The 5 Gases, Emission Control Devices, and Computer Inputs and Outputs
--> dot_clear dot_clear
dot_clear Smith's impluse Tachometer
dot_clear Connecting a Smith's Impulse Tachometers new
dot_clear Windshield Wiper Motor articles:
dot_clear Rebuilding a Lucas 1 speed assembly
dot_clear Lucas 2 Speed assembly by Dan Masters new It's back! (10/2/06)
dot_clear Other Misc. electrcial articles:
dot_clear Fuses by Glen R. Wilson
dot_clear Heat Shrink Tubing types by Craig Smith
dot_clear How a Relay works by: Marshall Brian
dot_clear How Wires, Fuses and Connectors work by: Karim Nice
dot_clear Lighting- Light bulbs for imported cars
dot_clear Postive to Negative Ground conversion (on Vintage Triumph Register's web page)
dot_clear Trailer wiring
dot_clear Wire 101 by Craig Smith
dot_clear Wiring Color codes (Lucas), post 1950. YMMV. by Chris Kantarjiev
Drill Sizes
dot_clear Gauge Size Chart
dot_clear Strength (Mechanics) of Materials (Stress, Strain, Hookes Law....)
dot_clear Fluid Flow Fundamentals (Properties of Fluids, Volumetric Flow Rate....)
dot_clear Hydraulic and Pneumatic Design and Engineering (General Design, Fluid Characteristics....)
Battery FAQ
dot_clear Electrical Deep Cycle Battery FAQ
dot_clear Gasoline
dot_clear Oil
dot_clear POR-15 FAQ
Hardware Information
Bold Depot Fastener info
dot_clear Fastener Type Chart new
dot_clear US Wood Screw Diameter Table new
dot_clear US Sheet Metal Screw Diameter Table new
dot_clear US Machine Screw Diameter Table new
dot_clear US Bolt Head/Wrench Size Table new
dot_clear US Threads Per Inch Table new
dot_clear US Nut Size Table new
dot_clear Metric Bolt Head/Wrench Size Table new
dot_clear Metric Metric Nut Size Table new
dot_clear Metric Thread Pitch Table new
dot_clear Good general info on Nuts & BoltsVarious types of Nuts and Bolts By Joseph C. Dille
dot_clear Various types of Nuts and Bolts
dot_clear British Screw Systems By Mike Clarke    Aug 1999
dot_clearIncludes Charts for: British Association (BA); British Standard Whitworth (BSW);
dot_clearand British Standard Fine (BSF)
dot_clear Broken Bolts by Chris Kantarjiev of The Dimebank Garage
dot_clear History of Whitworth By Charles Falco
dot_clear More general info on Whitworth By Mike Clarke
dot_clear Whitworth - where to get hardware & tools
Reference Tables
dot_clear Decimal to Fraction Chart
dot_clear Decimal & Fraction to Millimeter Chart new
dot_clear Metric Tap and Drill Size Table new
dot_clear Sheet Metal Gauge Chart new
dot_clear Technical Reference Charts - all kinds of info
dot_clear US Tap and Drill Bit Size Table new
dot_clear Wire Gauge and Current Capability Chart new
Machining and Metal Working
Links on lathes
dot_clear Welding Info
dot_clear Aluminum Welding, Brazing, Soldering Aluminum Repair (3 in 1) Rod
dot_clear used with a propane torch.
dot_clear General info on welding
dot_clear Welding info - Nice site - while written in another language, the pictures
dot_clear show how to make various patches!
dot_clear Metal Web news - info on many facets of metal working including welding,
dot_clear blacksmithing and Jewlery making.
Build Input Shaft Rotating Clamp to test transmissions
dot_clear Exhaust Gas Analizer - Build your own - By: Dave Morrill
dot_clear Media Blasting (Sandbblasting)
dot_clear Tools - A Serious Hobbyist look at Tools for the Automotive Workshop 2 parts  -  Updated 1/31/06
dot_clear Who makes what tools? author to remain anonymous  Updated 2/10/03
dot_clear More on Who makes what tools? Bob Payne
dot_clear Tool Boxes By: Keith Bucher
dot_clear Body Rotators
dot_clear Build your own body rotator it's back - mirrored
dot_clear Build a body rotisserie using 2 engine stands
dot_clear Build a roll over plywood frame
Wire Wheels
A couple of questions about Wire Wheels
dot_clear Wire Wheels Overview By Arthur Kelly
dot_clear Wheel Tech - WL-102 - Tightening Knockoffs By Barney Gaylord
dot_clear Tips for the Maintenance of Stag Wheels By William Mayo and Walter Holliday
dot_clear Truing Wire Wheels By Rod Schweiger
dot_clear Several tips on Maintaining Wire Wheels On GoMoG web

Morgan Specific

How Did I Get Into This Mess? (updated 10/28/99)
Getting Started
Front suspension articles:
Restoring a Morgan Rebuilding the Front End
dot_clear Front Wheel Vibration
dot_clear Dampener Blades new
dot_clear Tuning up Front - Decambering    By: Jerry Willburn
dot_clear It's What's up Front that Counts!    By: Jerry Willburn
dot_clear Kingpin Clearance The Experts Panel @ gomog

The wooden body tub:
Wood Work - Dismanteling the Tub
dot_clear Putting the Wooden Body Frame Together
Rebuilding the Hydraulic Brakes system
Body sheetmetal:
Installing Windscreen FrameBy: Greg Solow Jan. 99
dot_clear Installing the Skin (2 articles)
dot_clear Making a Morgan 1/4 Panel    By: Bob Nogueira March 97
dot_clear AL. Cap strips for the rear deck    By: Bob Nogueira - Aug. 1999
Clutch articles:
1960s vintage +4 Clutch information    By: Greg Solow Oct. 98
dot_clear 4/4 Clutch Pilot Alignment Tool
Carb Info
Stromberg  By: Bob Nogueira - 8/29/99
dot_clear SUs H6 vs HS6   By: Jerry Murphy - 8/29/99
dot_clear Stromberg vs SU  By: Greg Solow - 8/29/99
dot_clear Webers  By: Fred Sisson - 8/30/99
Putting the Chassis Back Together
dot_clear Pulling the Engine and/or Transmission    By: Jeremy Edwards & John T. Blair (10/98)
dot_clear Rear Chassis Kick-up    By: Bob Adair
Morgan Radiators (Aluminumn)    By: Nelson Warner
dot_clear Fighting the Overheating Problem    By: Dwight Smith, MOG NORTHWEST
dot_clear Installing an Oil Cooler    By: Armando Picciotto July 97
dot_clear Removing The Radiator    By: John Rogers, Greg Solow, Joseph DeLuca - Jan 99
dot_clear Termosyphoon Cooling modifications on a '34 4/4 By: Harald Sakshaug, Aug. 98
+4 Ignition module
dot_clear +8 Ignition module
dot_clear The Ignition Light Theory of Operation By Gerry Willburn
dot_clear The Wiring Harness
dot_clear The Wiring Diagrams
dot_clear Comments on installing British Wire's wiring harness (7/99)
dot_clear Moving the Headlight Dipper Switch By: Nelson R. Warner (2/02)
dot_clear Starter & Solenoids (updated 03/28/01)
dot_clear M35G Starter Rebuild Kit    By: Bob Sanders
dot_clear Heater - Hup brand    By: Tim Johnsonnew
Hardware Information
dot_clear Decimal to Fraction Chart
dot_clear Screw list for the Wooden tub
dot_clear Screw list for the chassis and bodynew
dot_clear Wood Drilling Chart
Misc. information
Removing the Gas Tank
dot_clear Interior FAQ (5/99)
dot_clear Miscellaneous Topics (2 articles)
dot_clear Another source for +4 information    Link to Vintage Triumph Register page
dot_clear Link to SOL's Tech page    Lots of intersting information
dot_clear Link GoMoG's Tech page    Lots of intersting information
Parts information
Parts Sources     (updated March 3, 2002) ***
dot_clear Parts Cross-references      (updated March 27, 2002) ***
Rear Suspension
Misc. Rear End / Differential Info. By: Michael D. Miles, PE
4/4 Corner
Morgan 4/4: Sierra 5-speed Gearbox Conversion By: By Tim Hurst in Australia new
Plus 4 Corner
+4 Clutch info By: Bob Bowie in Maine new
dot_clear Morgan UP-Grades for the Road By: Bob Nelson
dot_clear Replacing the Timing Cover Gasket By: Jerry Murphy and Don Sforza
dot_clear +4 VS Triumph Water Pumps By: Jerry Willburn, July 99
dot_clear +4 Oil leak By: Fred Sission
Plus 8 Corner
+8 page
dot_clear +8 Alternator info.   By: Chas Wasser

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