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Re: Total Loss or Alternator

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Subject: Re: Total Loss or Alternator
From: "Benn" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 13:44:57 -0700
Well, one of the first things that happened to me before I removed the
alternator permanently was the alt./waterpump belt was thrown, which
would not have been a problem except that it then entangled in the
backup waterpump-only belt, throwing it off as well.   Of course there
are other electrical and mechanical failures that an alternator can
suffer, some benign, some not (and as any racer knows, just because you
can't think of the failure mode doesn't mean it won't
happen)....Basically if you don't need a part that can fail and lead to
other problems, why would you use it?

  Tell me again what can go wrong?   >
> Keith

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