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Re: Rear wheel steering

To: DrMayf <>
Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
From: Bryan Savage <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 13:55:32 -0700
mayf, list

On the runs Louise is referring to, I see two problems.
The cockpit video shows the thrust differential gage NOT on center. At one
point Andy backs out of the throttle because full lock can't overcome the
uneven thrust. I have a copy of the video on my PC.
I have a copy of their post record publication with pictures and discretion
of the track surface (playa surface) after the supersonic runs.
The supersonic shock wave pulverized the surface to a depth of several 
Pictures show shock waved being produced by the large engine housings.
I believe that this produced a significant loss of directional stability.

Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Car was rear steer and was gathering 
support when

"A fatal crash, wrongly blamed on the steering instead of the other car 
was also fatal to investors"
I believe the above quote is from: BF's Universe,  Lloyd Steven Sieden 

One of the times I was at Black Rock I bought a Scientific American and 
an article about the Dymaxion. I showed it to Glynne Bowsher who 
experssed surpprise
stating he knew nothing of the car. I gave him the magazine.

To my knowledge, Fuller and Bowsher are the only experienced engineers 
who ever
designed a rear steer vehicle intended to go over 100 MPH.
This leads me to believe that there may be room for new, improved designs..


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