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Re: Rear wheel steering

Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 21:19:15 EDT
See how confusing this ? In the previous Emailly I erroneously stated "the 
steering was opposite 
 the front end every time".  That's only when a full turn is necessary, 
obviously. It was lonely at the back, but you were the last guy out and the 1st 
back in the firehouse, what ever good that was. In the civil unrest 60's and 
early 70's,the tillerman was such a bullseye that special projectile-proof 
barriers had to be built on to the rear cab. That was nice for visibility, NOT 
!....That's why I'm now involved in this nice safe sport, right ? Right 
!....................  Bob, bobbled,Wanner  

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