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Re: Rear wheel steering

Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 20:38:32 EDT
I thought I'd check in with my limited experience with Rear wheel Steering. I 
had the occasion, as a NY Fireman, to drive what are commonly known as Hook 
and Ladder trucks. The back end,or Tiller, is driven by the Tillerman. 
Obviously took a little advanced planning before a turn as the steering was 
the front end every time. Great fun responding down Southern Boulevard in the 
Bronx, terrorizing the natives by driving my half about 4 lanes out into 
oncoming traffic. Interestingly enough, it did have somewhat of a following 
ala a trailer, as we had a tillerman fall out of his compartment ( 
mysteriously ) and the entire rig didn't hit anything for 4 turns and a mile 
later in 
front the Firehouse. Yeah, it hit our cars, naturally..... " Following" I'd 
assume would be the benefit of FWD, as opposed to RWD. One story,one 
opinion....Bob, prejudiced,new LSRcar has FWD, Wanner

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