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Re: Rear wheel steering

To: DrMayf <>
Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
From: Bryan Savage <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 16:28:30 -0700

Some shots of the surface after a supersonic run

Check the attachment for Dymaxion info. The books are out of print but the
patent office should still have something.

One thing Glynne said was important, was the use of a worm and 'wheel' 
gear box. This reduced the confusing feedback through the steering wheel.
Fifty vintage Chrysler power steering would be good as would steer by wire.


DrMayf wrote:

>Sure, that works for me. The two engine's are producing a couple around the
>cg and that would be a real challenge to untwist with the contact partc of a
>rear wheel or two. More like a thrust vector system would be needed. On the
>shock wave, was the surface "pulverized" anly at eh points where the shock
>wave weas present? I bet that just the air flow around that great beast had
>something to do with it also even at slower speeds. Have anymore infor on
>the dymation? or whatever it was called? I'd like to learn more. And of
>course there is the inline rear steer vs the side by side rear steer. Inline
>is difficult because of caster in the system (if you design and build it
>that way). I still want to build a small test rig for rear steer...

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