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RE: Fuel Injection Question

To: "Dave Dahlgren" <>, <>,
Subject: RE: Fuel Injection Question
From: "todd" <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 14:05:06 +0000
That's of some help, thanks Dave.

> I personally don't buy 
> the alky taking up room in the runner myself. If it evaporates then 
> the latent heat dropped the temperature making charge denser. IE 
> smaller volume for same stuff if density goes up. Injectors are put 
> by the valve for closed loop operation. They also put the sensor 
> fairly clse to the engine for the same reason to close the loop 
> quicker. Indy cars spray alky in the compressor inlet, but they only 
> make 800 hp out of 2.65L with no intercooler and 7 lbs. of bosst. 
> They also run 16 big injectors at the plenum, think very short pulse 
> width. 

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