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Re: Coolant woes redux

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Subject: Re: Coolant woes redux
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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 19:04:45 -0000
The factory wired the fan(s) such that they come on when the coolant gets
hot enough, but go off in any event when the ignition is turned off.  Sounds
like either both fans are wired to come on with the ignition and one is
non-functional, or one is wired to a thermostat and the other is wired to
the ignition.  I would guess option 1.  I think only late NA 4-cyl cars had
twin fans, and they were operated directly off a thermostat, whereas the UK
factory V8 also had twin fans but operated via relay, a much better system.


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Subject: Coolant woes redux

> Okay, just called the mechanic and found that the smaller hose isn't
> to be connected to anything; it's blowoff for extra pressure. I thought
> whole setup looked sort of like a homebrew fermentation vessel...
> So now the question is just (probably) spotting the leak, so I guess I'll
> drive out to the garage (there's one about 500 meters away), fill it up
> look for the leak. Unless, as the mechanic claimed, there is no leak and
> common for up to half a liter to "evaporate" when running on a newly
> engine.
> Somehow, I think I've probably got a leak. (:
> Incidentally, I've got two fans in front of the radiator (again, this
> configuration isn't covered in the Haynes); only one runs when I start the
> car. Is the second switched on by thermostat or should both always be
> running?
> Thanks again,
> Derek
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