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RE: Coolant woes redux

To: Steve Walker <>
Subject: RE: Coolant woes redux
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 13:53:43 -0800

        My MGB GT 2.8L V6 uses a stock 68-76 radiator.  I have a single
electric cooling fan mounted in front of the radiator.  I had a fitting
installed in the top tank of the radiator to accept a (I think Subaru)
generally available thermostatic switch.  The fan is wired to the hot
circuit through a relay.  After hard driving the cooling fan will run for a
short time after shut down.  If the car has come right off the freeway,
after the engine is shut off the cooling fan will go on due to heat soaking.

        I do not see any problem with this and intend to hook the twin fans
of my V8 project the same way.  Many econoboxs have hot wired relays and do
not have problems with battery drain.  So long as the turn on temperature is
high enough there will not be a problem.  A relay is a must have on any of
the twin fan cars as the motors tend to drag and overload the thermo switch
as they age. 


> My fans are wired through a thernostat and off of the 
> ignition. I would
> like to rewire them, still through the thermostat, but off a 
> permanently
> hot wire. That way, after I stop, the fans can run until the 
> radiator cools
> some. I recall my F**t 124 Spider was wired that way. Any 
> comments? (It's a
> '78B roadster, ps-LE)
> Steve Walker

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