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Re: Coolant woes redux

To: Derek Vandivere <>
Subject: Re: Coolant woes redux
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 16:11:35 -0800

        If the block is drained of coolant, and a thermostat is installed, you
can not easily fill the engine from the radiator.  Easiest thing is to take off
the thermostat housing, remove the thermostat, fill the engine with coolant from
the thermostat opening and then reinstall the thermostat, etc.  You will 
have to top up the expansion tank a couple of times before the system is filled.
Also, make certain that the heater temperature control is at maximum.  BTDT.

Bud Krueger

Derek Vandivere wrote:

> Okay, just called the mechanic and found that the smaller hose isn't supposed
> to be connected to anything; it's blowoff for extra pressure. I thought the
> whole setup looked sort of like a homebrew fermentation vessel...
> So now the question is just (probably) spotting the leak, so I guess I'll
> drive out to the garage (there's one about 500 meters away), fill it up and
> look for the leak. Unless, as the mechanic claimed, there is no leak and it's
> common for up to half a liter to "evaporate" when running on a newly rebuilt
> engine.
> Somehow, I think I've probably got a leak. (:
> Incidentally, I've got two fans in front of the radiator (again, this
> configuration isn't covered in the Haynes); only one runs when I start the
> car. Is the second switched on by thermostat or should both always be
> running?
> Thanks again,
> Derek
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