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Re: Going to look at a '71 B tomorrow

To: "Tab Julius" <>,
Subject: Re: Going to look at a '71 B tomorrow
From: "Eric Houkal" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 07:46:25 -0600
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Subject: Re: Going to look at a '71 B tomorrow

> Keep in mind that if it's a '71, it might really be more like 170,000 than
> just 70k, 'cause they only have 5 digits on the speedo.
> At 11:45 PM 12/16/99 -0500, Craig D. Niederst wrote:
> >In my continuing quest to find the right MGB, I'm going to look at a '71
> >roadster tomorrow.

 Ok, a couple of points... if this is your typical small used car place and
they just took this car in they probably think they fell into the Hope
diamond and will not talk big discount. If, however , the car has been on
the lot for a couple of months and they are aware that it is not
particularly valuable, my bet is that they have about a grand in the car,
and 1500 might sound pretty good now that winter has set in. Bear in mind,
if this was a truly nice car, it probably would not have been traded in for
low dollars- my second bet is that there will be considerable cheap body
work and a Maaco paint job for that kind of money, but you never know. Now,
if this is a specialty car store, none of this will apply. :-)

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