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RE: Going to look at a '71 B tomorrow

To: "Craig D. Niederst" <>
Subject: RE: Going to look at a '71 B tomorrow
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 08:56:11 -0800

        Good luck with the car.

        B's are a blast to drive in the snow.  What makes them fun to drive
on dry roads, makes them really fun on bad roads.  Good balance, excellent
response.  Skinny tires help a lot too.

        I drove mine year round in the mountains of Colorado.  Lot's of
great stories.


> around here a bit tomorrow. If I would happen to buy the car, 
> how are B's in
> the snow (if the tires are OK)?
> Craig

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