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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 00:34:49 -0330
I'll jump on this one from a Canadian perspective, although I think our
province is one of the more expensive. To title (register) a vehicle it
costs 15% of the purchase price plus a $5.00 admin fee. In the case of our
older vehicles the govt could rake in more than the origional price of the
car in taxes throughout its life span. I have always argued that taxes were
already paid by the origional owner.  If the plates are to be renewed there
is an additional $140.00 (annual) charge for this. Proof of insurance is
required. If the Registrar doubts the purchase price of the vehicle (ie-too
low) the tax is based on book value. I have 3 cars so it costs me $420.00 a
year to drive. Does that mean I drive 3 times as much as someone with one? I
don't think so.
Of course some may chuckle as we are talking Canadian Cash here but it still
hurts my limited pocketbook.
I shall be able to get Antique Plates when the 77 is 25 yrs old & certified
by a member of an antique club. Then the cost shall be $15.00 annual fee.

Bring on 2002!!!!!

Seasons Greetings & Safety Faster
Andy P 77B
Gander, Nfld

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> Yesterday I went to the Illinois Secretary of State's Office (which in
> other states I have resided in would be called the Department of Motor
> Vehicles) to change the title of a '65 Midget I bought last spring into my
> name. Normally I wouldn't bother with a car that I am not putting plates
> and driving. I usually just hang on to the signed off title until I need
> plate it. The change of plans was precipitated by a new fee schedule going
> to effect Jan. 1. The cost of converting a title is currently $13. Next
> it jumps to $65! Annual plates jump as well. This makes me curious as to
> similar fees are elsewhere. I know the $48 annual plate fee we were paying
> relatively cheap. It is jumping to $78 which still isn't bad compared to
> states. What kind of fees are assessed in other states, provinces and
> countries?
> Kim Tonry
> Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

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