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Re: Title/Plates Cost

Subject: Re: Title/Plates Cost
From: Charles Hill <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 00:08:17 -0600
Those of you who are complaining about high costs to register your LBCs
should consider moving to Missouri.  My total cost to keep my 6 vehicles
in good graces with the state and local governments was $383.  Most of
this expense was incurred by my wife's late model Chevy - about $225 in
personal property tax and $ 24 in annual license fees.  That leaves $
134 for the other cars.  License fees for my truck and the 75 Porsche
were $47 (They are both due at the same time and I don't remember what
each one cost.)  The remaining $87 is personal property tax on the
truck, Porsche, 68 VW dune buggy and the 46 & 49 MG TCs.  (The property
tax by the way goes mostly to the local school district and public
library.)  The MGs and the Dune Buggy are registered as historic
vehicles for a one-time $20 fee.  The Porsche will be eligible for
historic plates in 2000 as a 25-year-old vehicle so I will have even
less to pay in the future.

Charles Hill
46 MG TC Home model
68 VW Dune Buggy (Myers Manx clone)
75 Porsche 914 (original car - purchased new by my father)
92 GMC Sonoma
96 Chevrolet Corsica (Wife's car)

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