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RE: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious

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Subject: RE: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious
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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 01:19:16 -0600
Troy, it's fun to dream, but back to reality; and no, I'm not trying to
talk you out of it.

My street car is a V8, my race car is a very serious high performance
BMC 1800cc engine, my experience indicates that without a V8 you'll
never "be able to tear rubber of the line to beat any Honda in ks".

The race car engine has all the goodies, it cost several thousand
dollars, the V8 is an aluminum block Buick 215 V8 ... I picked it up for
$500.  You decide.

Have fun.

Larry Hoy

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>Subject: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious
>Hello here is my plan. In the near future I plan to buy a MGB that will

>become a street racer. This car if my plan works out will be able to
>rubber of the line to beat any Honda in ks. This is my dream and it
will come 
>true with time. What I need is a sorce to good parts and a engine to
>that will tear of the line and also smoke the car that pulls up next to
me in 
>the long run. So if you know of any part company's that can help me out
>were I can find a engine, that dosent need to be a V8 I would thank
>Now I know some hardcore mgb fans hate to see this to a beloved MG. But
me as 
>the younger mgb fan wants to see it exceed to a new level of
speed,power and 
>most of all respect. Over time i have picked up the sence that people
>give mgb's the respect they need. I also have picked up the need for
>and I know that some mg owners will say "get a made to go fast car''.
But i 
>see it as that if I want to go fast it needs to be in one of the cars I
>the only car I want a MGB. So if any one is willing to give me some
help to 
>find what i need and if they have a car to start with that i could buy
>would be grate 
>             soon to be in the fast lane 
>                                                      Troy H.
>P.S. dont try to talk me out of it       lol :)

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