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RE: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious

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Subject: RE: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious
From: "Thomas James Pokrefke, III" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 07:14:31 -0500
"This car if my plan works out will be able to tear
rubber of the line to beat any Honda in ks. "

Let's see, the Honda S2000: 240 HP, 153ft/lb of torgue, 16 valve VTEC
engine, 2809 lbs curb weight.

The only way your MG could beat that is to weld a JATO unit to the trunk

Next time you're at the stop light next to a newer mini-van, try racing it
to the next stop light.  You're gonna lose unless they're towing a trailer.
Accept the MG for what it is:  a 30 year old sports car built with
technology almost twice as old.

If you really want to beat the Honda's, may I suggest a Nissan 300ZX
twin-turbo from the early nineties?  Wickedly powerfully, incredibly easy to
handle, and generally out of the price range of less-experienced youth.

Thomas James Pokrefke, III
1970 MGB

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