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RE: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious

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Subject: RE: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious
From: "Greg Bass" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 09:38:52 -0400
My apologies to the list if I seem a bit harsh in my feelings on this
subject. It was not long ago that my 18 yr old daughter was a passenger in a
car being drive by another youth. It seems he was racing another car and
lost control. Slammed into a guardrail and then a tree. My daughter suffered
severe head injuries (an open skull fracture) and was in very critical
condition for a few weeks. 3 years and 2 surgeries later she is, thank god,
a normal young lady with only minor residual after effects and a very strong
fear of driving a motor vehicle. So I have a personal issue with this type
of "speed" mentality.

As for encouraging them to join clubs, I have no beef with that. The problem
I see with this is every locality would need a club and a facility close by
for the racing. Which most do not have.


> Well, folks, there are two issues here.
> One is the attitudinal folly that seems to come with youth.
> Had a good dose of it in my teens myself and find I still
> have to suppress
> my enthusiasm for arriving first at the next light.
> This attitude seems to be complimented by an equal desire to
> talk a fast
> line.
> Seldom does the talk equal the ability to do the walk.
> Youthful enthusiasm
> aside, threats to life and limb are not likely to deter these
> speed-addicted
> humanoids. They need to be directed to a track school where
> they can satisfy
> their need-for-speed, and get a dose of humble pie when they
> discover they
> aren't the hotshoe they thought they were. Who knows? This
> dude may be the
> next Indy star!! At least, he likes MGB's, so he can't be all
> bad, just
> mis-directed.
> Which brings us to issue number two: no matter how large the financial
> spend, or informed and skilled the mechanical effort, no MGB-blocked
> roadster will ever have the performance of a current high performance
> sportscar.
> I have a 160hp supercharged '74 B, and I can tell you from first hand
> experience, my wife can leave me flat in her Suburu Legacy
> wagon out on the
> superslab, in air conditioned comfort with Sara Brightman
> belting out Nessun
> Dorma on the stereo, while I am  going happily deaf to the
> too-loud but
> awesome sound of my supercharged "B and slowly fading to a
> little black dot
> in her rear-view mirror.....

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