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Re: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious

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Subject: Re: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious
From: "Dave Munroe" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 10:13:47 -0300
Well, folks, there are two issues here.

One is the attitudinal folly that seems to come with youth.
Had a good dose of it in my teens myself and find I still have to suppress
my enthusiasm for arriving first at the next light.
This attitude seems to be complimented by an equal desire to talk a fast
Seldom does the talk equal the ability to do the walk. Youthful enthusiasm
aside, threats to life and limb are not likely to deter these speed-addicted
humanoids. They need to be directed to a track school where they can satisfy
their need-for-speed, and get a dose of humble pie when they discover they
aren't the hotshoe they thought they were. Who knows? This dude may be the
next Indy star!! At least, he likes MGB's, so he can't be all bad, just

Which brings us to issue number two: no matter how large the financial
spend, or informed and skilled the mechanical effort, no MGB-blocked
roadster will ever have the performance of a current high performance
I have a 160hp supercharged '74 B, and I can tell you from first hand
experience, my wife can leave me flat in her Suburu Legacy wagon out on the
superslab, in air conditioned comfort with Sara Brightman belting out Nessun
Dorma on the stereo, while I am  going happily deaf to the too-loud but
awesome sound of my supercharged "B and slowly fading to a little black dot
in her rear-view mirror.....



From: "Thomas James Pokrefke, III" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 9:14 AM
Subject: RE: MGB Meets The Fast And The Furious

> "This car if my plan works out will be able to tear
> rubber of the line to beat any Honda in ks. "
> Let's see, the Honda S2000: 240 HP, 153ft/lb of torgue, 16 valve VTEC
> engine, 2809 lbs curb weight.
> The only way your MG could beat that is to weld a JATO unit to the trunk
> lid.
> Next time you're at the stop light next to a newer mini-van, try racing it
> to the next stop light.  You're gonna lose unless they're towing a
> Accept the MG for what it is:  a 30 year old sports car built with
> technology almost twice as old.
> If you really want to beat the Honda's, may I suggest a Nissan 300ZX
> twin-turbo from the early nineties?  Wickedly powerfully, incredibly easy
> handle, and generally out of the price range of less-experienced youth.
> Thomas James Pokrefke, III
> 1970 MGB

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