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Subject: RE: Supercharger
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Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 13:49:58 -0500
No problem David. Glad to answer.

I have followed the links on the list on the .060 overbore subject for some
time. Seems that the consensus of the list was that I was one of the lucky
ones in that it IS apparently a "close" call. It has been several years
since I did my rebuild but I have put probably only 10000 miles on it since
then. There has been no problems at all though. I CAN use normal unleaded 87
octane with no ping but as little as I drive my B now, I will often just go
ahead and put in 92-93 octane pump gas. Over the years I have found MG
engines to be very forgiving - and as a result I took a gamble. It worked
for me. Additionally, the guy that I had do the bore job for me, was VERY
good. He had been around a long time doing it and I had a lot of personal
experience with him back when I was  running a couple of different
dealership repair shops. I think all that makes a difference too.

I personally believe increasing the bore as much as possible is very
important. There is NO better or more cost effective way of boosting
performance, which is so needed on our MG's and that doesn't affect the
vehicle remaining "stock" (like wouldn't be the case with adding a
supercharger). If you were to try the .060 overbore and then discover that
you would have to "sleeve" the cylinders to successfully achieve it, that
wouldn't be such a bad thing, IF the person you have doing the work is
capable. The cost for sleeving is affordable (at least it was through my

Shoot, convertible (roadster) season is here today in Atlanta. It's supposed
to reach 60 degrees outside today!!! - - Really, we are having some
unseasonably warm weather here today - so I am going out to enjoy my B -
right now! Except for days like today, our "season" here in Atlanta can
sometimes start as early as late March/early April! Sorry you have to wait
so long. Come on down south brother!!


-Jerry Erbesfield
73 B Black Beauty roadster

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At 11:45 AM 2/9/2002 -0500, Jerry Erbesfield wrote:

>1). My B's performance is already pretty stout (relatively speaking, for
>what it is). 3.90 rear, fresh engine, bored .060 over, flat top pistons,
>milled head, "good" valve job, Petronix, etc, etc. I'm concerned that if in
>hindsight you still feel that the performance increase was really worth the
>investment of time, effort and money? In other words, would you do it

Which brings up my questions - are there any problems boring to .060 over?
It seems like it wasn't that long ago when .040 over was the maximum. I
need to rebuild my 72 engine which I'm  fairly sure I put in
+0.020 pistons when I last rebuilt it fifteen years ago. I used the 9:1
pistons which were not quite flat topped due to fuel requirements.  Which
comes to my next question - what kind of fuel do you use for the flat top
pistons? Particularly in reference to octane requirements.

My goal, perhaps optimistic, is to have my 72B running when convertible
season hits, which in Montana is like June. So the engine rebuild will be
coming up in the next few months.


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