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RE: Supercharger

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Subject: RE: Supercharger
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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 21:39:12 -0500
No. It won't ruin the engine if the cylinder walls end up being a little too
thin and your re-bore job cuts through it. They can be sleeved, which is a
normal machine shop repair process that works very well. I have had done
plenty of sleeve jobs on various engines over the years and have never had
even one fail - - - except on those Damned old factory Renault Dauphine and
Fiat Spyder 850 factory built sleeve systems. BOTH were/are pieces of junk!

 -Jerry Erbesfield
73 B Black Beauty roadster

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As part of a rebuild it makes sense.  I would be a little leary of .060
from what I have read. If it failes, doesn't it ruin the engine?
(Cracks the cylinder wall through right?)

I need to do the same thing, but am going to try to get by with a
minimal overbore I think.

I still think the supercharger kit is a pretty minor mod time wise.  (4
hours from what the first post said.)  It takes me longer than that to
get the engine pulled let alone what it is gonna take to tear it down
for a trip to a machine shop.

Keep us informed on how it goes.  Hans mentioned in one of his emails a
piston set that he has been happy with for preparing an engine for a
supercharger.  I am wanting to go that route, so when the time comes I
will see what the recommended sizes are...

On Sat, 09 Feb 2002 19:55:47 -0500, Jerry Erbesfield wrote:

>David is going to an overhaul his engine anyhow - so while he's got the
>engine out and he's in there anyhow, the re-bore is NOT that much more of a
>chore or cost, even if it has to be sleeved to achieve the .060. In many,
>not most cases, a rebore of at least some amount is normally required
>on a worn engine to true the cylinders and to really do a decent, tight
>So, if it'll make .060, it wont cost him any more to go that much than it
>would to go .20 or .040 over.

Andrew Lundgren

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