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RE: Supercharger

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Subject: RE: Supercharger
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Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 19:55:47 -0500
David is going to an overhaul his engine anyhow - so while he's got the
engine out and he's in there anyhow, the re-bore is NOT that much more of a
chore or cost, even if it has to be sleeved to achieve the .060. In many, if
not most cases, a rebore of at least some amount is normally required anyhow
on a worn engine to true the cylinders and to really do a decent, tight job.
So, if it'll make .060, it wont cost him any more to go that much than it
would to go .20 or .040 over.

Let me throw something else out there just for the fun of it...... IF, just
IF now - If you were going to go to all this trouble anyhow, and if you
wanted to max the bore to the most that it could possibly be by putting in
sleeves, which I KNOW can be done, because I've seen sleeves successfully
done before, what would be the maximum over-bore that could be achieved
considering cylinder head, head gasket and any other considerations? What
are the other considerations? Has anybody on the list ever had any
experience with MORE than an .060 overbore?

And, - just for the Hell of it - Does anybody make pop-up pistons and has
anybody tried them?

Yes. Over-boring does not show and is considered a normal repair method for
older cars with worn engines, so stock classification should still
stand - - -  unless you are at an NHRA drag meet, get protested and they
make you tear it down for inspection!!! However, I've personally never seen
an MG drag racing before - and I've seen a LOT of drag racing!

-Jerry Erbesfield
73 B Black Beauty roadster

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Interesting perspective.  I would consider a 4 hour kit install less of
a mod than a .060 overbore.  The overbore is much harder to reverse...
(If you ever chose too, but then again, you can't see the overbore can

On Sat, 09 Feb 2002 13:49:58 -0500, Jerry Erbesfield wrote:

>I personally believe increasing the bore as much as possible is very
>important. There is NO better or more cost effective way of boosting
>performance, which is so needed on our MG's and that doesn't affect the
>vehicle remaining "stock" (like wouldn't be the case with adding a
>supercharger). If you were to try the .060 overbore and then discover that
>you would have to "sleeve" the cylinders to successfully achieve it, that
>wouldn't be such a bad thing, IF the person you have doing the work is
>capable. The cost for sleeving is affordable (at least it was through my

Andrew Lundgren

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