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RE: Supercharger

To: "Jerry Erbesfield" <>,
Subject: RE: Supercharger
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 10:33:49 -0700
At 11:45 AM 2/9/2002 -0500, Jerry Erbesfield wrote:

>1). My B's performance is already pretty stout (relatively speaking, for
>what it is). 3.90 rear, fresh engine, bored .060 over, flat top pistons,
>milled head, "good" valve job, Petronix, etc, etc. I'm concerned that if in
>hindsight you still feel that the performance increase was really worth the
>investment of time, effort and money? In other words, would you do it again?

Which brings up my questions - are there any problems boring to .060 over? 
It seems like it wasn't that long ago when .040 over was the maximum. I 
need to rebuild my 72 engine which I'm  fairly sure I put in
+0.020 pistons when I last rebuilt it fifteen years ago. I used the 9:1 
pistons which were not quite flat topped due to fuel requirements.  Which 
comes to my next question - what kind of fuel do you use for the flat top 
pistons? Particularly in reference to octane requirements.

My goal, perhaps optimistic, is to have my 72B running when convertible 
season hits, which in Montana is like June. So the engine rebuild will be 
coming up in the next few months.


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