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Re: Supercharger

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Subject: Re: Supercharger
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 20:44:51 -0500
> If I was planning to put a supercharger on an engine, I would want
> to make sure that the comression ratio is correct.  I believe (may
> be wrong) that you have to use low compression pistons so that
> you w't blow the headgasket.  The compression with the
> supercharger will be way above stock anyway.
> Maynard HIrsch

No, that is not the reason for using low compression pistons.  Your stock,
either 8.7:1 or 8.0:1 (I think) pistons, will be fine for moderate (no more
than 9psi) boost.  Fuel and timing variables will need to be manipulated to
avoid the preignition and / or detonation you may encounter, which is often
remedied by fitting lower compression pistons.

However, in the 9.0:1+ engine compression range you may be asking for a bit
of trouble in an older LBC motor if you introduce forced induction to it.
In that case, a rather more simple method of lowering the compression ratio
is offered, a thicker head gasket.  Mordy Dunst, TR List member and racer,
makes his own copper head gaskets in various thicknesses for this purpose.

Anyone interested in supercharging, in the theory or actual applications,
should go purchase Corky Bell's book, Supercharged!.  Unlike Corky's turbo
book, this is much more comprehensive and quite a bit better written.
Practically every aspect of supercharging is covered.  In my "library", it
has superceded all my other forced induction books as the reference I use
the most.

Kai M. Radicke --
Former owner of a supercharged TR6

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