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Subject: Insurance...
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 09:08:35 EST
I only drive my MGB about maybe 10 miles a week, just enough to keep her 
happy (the "B"~ not my wife!!) But, I pay insurance as if were my full time, 
daily driver ... (Don't I Wish!!) this leads me to wonder whether or not an 
Insurance that was defined by the miles driven, etc. would be more beneficial 
to me in terms of CA$H saved? Right now , I'm paying about $45 bucks a month 
just to have it parked in the garage about 99% of the time. Anybody have any 
ideas? My current rating is: Perfect Driving Record/No Tickets nor Accidents 
within last 10 years and I'm waaaay over 25 years old! Some people who are 
also LBC buffs told me that they have "Collector Car" type insurance thats 
detirmined by the amount of  miles driven instead of the amount of coverage 
needed,etc. This last year (12 mo.) I only put 900 miles on the odometer 
almost all of that on Club drives in optimum settings. Anyone have any tips, 
other than "Don't spit into a wind?" I would really appreciate any of your 
views regarding "Specialized Insurance" policies Vs. the cost of Regular 
Albert Escalante
1978 MGB, 1977 Jaguar XJ6L
Central Coast British Car Club
Port Hueneme, California (USA) 

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