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Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 15:21:02 +0100
Hi Albert,

I have a classic car insurance. (Netherlands)
Are these available in the USA ass well?
These offer full coverage for a very low price, because they believe the
owner of a classic drives a low amount of milage per year and takes very
good care of the car....



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> Hi,
> I only drive my MGB about maybe 10 miles a week, just enough to keep her
> happy (the "B"~ not my wife!!) But, I pay insurance as if were my full
> daily driver ... (Don't I Wish!!) this leads me to wonder whether or not
> Insurance that was defined by the miles driven, etc. would be more
> to me in terms of CA$H saved? Right now , I'm paying about $45 bucks a
> just to have it parked in the garage about 99% of the time. Anybody have
> ideas? My current rating is: Perfect Driving Record/No Tickets nor
> within last 10 years and I'm waaaay over 25 years old! Some people who are
> also LBC buffs told me that they have "Collector Car" type insurance thats
> detirmined by the amount of  miles driven instead of the amount of
> needed,etc. This last year (12 mo.) I only put 900 miles on the odometer
> almost all of that on Club drives in optimum settings. Anyone have any
> other than "Don't spit into a wind?" I would really appreciate any of your
> views regarding "Specialized Insurance" policies Vs. the cost of Regular
> Insurance.
> Albert Escalante
> 1978 MGB, 1977 Jaguar XJ6L
> Central Coast British Car Club
> Port Hueneme, California (USA)

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